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Reactivation of the construction industry in Querétaro

The construction industry is one of the essential sectors and many works have not been suspended despite the covid-19. However, the reactivation of all the works will take place gradually.

Querétaro, qro. Prior to the revival of the construction industry in Querétaro, this sector began a training process to resume work

The Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) started the 18 May a workshop called Protocol of Safe Return to Construction Works, which is taught through the Construction Industry Training Institute (ICIC).

This first week of June began with the gradual revival of the industry, both private and public works, said the president of CMIC in the state, Álvaro Ugalde Ríos, after adding that compliance with health protocols will be verified.

Builders with pending works are working to identify the conditions in which they must resume; as well as evaluating the operating costs that will increase due to the increase suffered by some inputs.



The construction industry chamber has a protocol of 52 leaves, which was subject to review by health authorities, after approval, it was issued among the CMIC delegations, reported.

The businessman stressed that it is worrying that companies face a work deficit, In addition to the fact that there are sectors linked to construction that remain undeclared as an essential activity.

"We are concerned that companies have work, that they get resources: but another problem that comes to us is that other activities such as supplies intervene in our work and they also stopped, from here to start walking, there could be a shortage in the supply of some materials”, detailed.

The construction industry contributes 10% of the State's Gross Domestic Product, in addition to contributing around 58,000 jobs, according to records of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (Sedesu).

The state agency accounts for 500 companies related to the construction industry, that has operations in the entity, hence the importance of reactivating and continuing with works throughout the state.

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