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In the 50 born in the city of Bridgeport, NY what we now know as Alex Lyon & Son Sales & Managers Inc. and that initially it was founded as “Alex Lyon Livestock” company dedicated to auctions of Livestock and Agricultural Equipment, It was there where its founder Alex Lyon Senior boosted the career of his son Jack in this business, but it was not until the year 1973 when he graduated from the University which it is fully incorporated into the operation of the company. Jack gets a few months after the liquidation of a company dedicated to the construction, This is how the first Auction Heavy Machinery is created now forming Alex Lyon & Son.

Due to the success of this Auction, they went increasing significantly until today. The company is recognized worldwide for its quality reputation, variety and fair prices. Today Auctions are held throughout the United States, from New York to California taking buyers from around the world such as Mexico, China, Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Central and South America in addition to the African Continent.

“Our mission is simple… Turn promises into action today tomorrow” – Jack Lyon


Because of its great visionary spirit, Jack Lyon thought the advantages of its system Auction, They should not be exclusive to the American public and thus began the idea of ​​expanding beyond its borders.

He started this new challenge outside the E.U.A. organizing its first auction in the Philippines with great success, however he felt that in his auctions held within the US territory were many purchases made by Mexican customers and was thus in May 2001 He decided to start operations in Mexico specifically in the cities of Monterrey N. L. and Toluca State of Mexico with auctions conducted in the year 2001 in the months of June, September and December, all with great success and acceptance of both buyers and consignors as the policy offered by Jack in Mexican territory is to offer the most reasonable commissions in the market and get fairer prices for their team.

Another advantage that received the Mexican market with investment in the area Alex Lyon nationwide auction was that until the month of June 2001 customers and shippers had only one choice as to refer Auctions, promoting this to a monopolized market within Heavy Equipment Auctions, causing major disadvantages such as charging high commissions to shippers forcing customers to pay higher prices for equipment having no other option, with the arrival of Lyon to Mexico commissions offered to shippers by competition have fallen considerably, reaching a little more realistic levels but without reaching the levels that handles Alex Lyon & They are from Mexico that are designed for shippers and customers always win.

That's why for you Lyon Mexico is the best choice, Auction courtyards in the center of the republic, Querétaro, qro. and Aguascalientes, Ags., for convenience in terms of distances and rates, besides offering (Checked) the most reasonable market and obtaining fair prices for their team commissions.

Let us serve and show the advantages of the Lyon team offers.

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