📰An upturn in civil works is foreseen – Alex Lyon Mexico

📰An upturn in civil works is foreseen


At 2023, construction in the Country will be saved by civil works, foresaw specialists.

Although BBVA Research pointed out yesterday in its report “Real Estate Situation Mexico” that the sector presents a sharp deceleration, Roberto Macias, President in Nuevo León of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), hoped that the situation would be reversed.

“We hope that this year this trend, that actually had been presented, decreases over the months”, “There will be greater clarity regarding the budget that will be exercised in the entity in the coming months, by highlighting the amount of work in the Entity.

“Together we have a historic investment in public works; It's been many years since I saw something like this.

“From the reconstructions of the works damaged by Hurricane 'Alex’ or the construction of the Line 3 the Metro did not carry out projects like the ones we see in this Administration”, highlighted Macías about Nuevo León.

For his part, with data for the second semester of 2022, the BBVA Research study indicates that civil works supported and will continue to support construction in the 2023.

Nevertheless, write down, the distribution of resources is not even throughout the country, because in three states the resources are highly concentrated, since Campeche, Tabasco and CDMX have the 60 percent of the public works budget.

He points out that within civil works there are some fields that stand out from others, being the energy the one that gives the greatest impulse.

BBVA Research warns that the expected growth in civil works could be threatened by the sharp increase in the cost of construction materials and that higher interest rates due to monetary policy could also act against.

“(AND) Construction could remain stagnant in the face of a demand for new housing without taking off and moderation of the commercial part”.

“Other types of public works, such as hydraulics or communications and transport remain stagnant”.

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