📰 They guarantee the construction of a fertilizer plant in Sinaloa – Alex Lyon Mexico

📰 They guarantee the construction of a fertilizer plant in Sinaloa


The consultation was organized by the Secretariats of Environment and Natural Resources and the Interior, in addition to the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), in a radius of 45 km around the area where the plant would be located, in accordance with the internal normative system of the Yoreme-Mayo, as well as the Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization.

The official results will be announced by the authorities., and the approval of the native peoples adds to the more than 75 percent that gave their support in the citizen consultation last November, coordinated by the federal government.

the construction project, which will be in charge of Gas and Petrochemical of the West (GPO), is estimated at 10 years; During this period, the generation of 15 thousand direct and indirect jobs and at the end of the first three years there will be 800 thousand tons of fertilizers per year to supply producers in northwestern Mexico, those who have faced the increase in the cost of the input since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

GPO is a subsidiary of Grupo Proman, German company with 20 plants around the world and to guarantee economic and environmental sustainability, it will implement a comprehensive plan with 13 actions to protect ecosystems and generate environmental profits, which includes the cleanup of Ohuira Bay, area with high levels of contamination after four decades of receiving agricultural and urban discharges, to the detriment of its flora and fauna.

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