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📰Auguran ‘boom’ public works

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The construction industry of Nuevo León anticipated that for the 2022 will be invested some 15 one billion pesos of public resources in infrastructure in the State, which would be the highest amount exercised since 2006, last figure published by INEGI.

With that amount, plus what private initiative exercises, that in the last 2 years has averaged about 40 one thousand 500 millions of pesos, the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) in Nuevo León assured that the level of operation of this sector will skyrocket to the 100 percent, current capacity utilization level less than 50 percent.

Jose Guajardo Valdes, state president of the CMIC, explained that the forecast is based on the resources that the State will receive from the Federation and that they would amount to about 11 billion pesos.

In addition to the item that the state government will provide, should Congress approve the infrastructure budget for the 2022, and which was increased by the cuts to other items and savings found by the Samuel García Administration.

He clarified that the global stock market of 15 One billion pesos is apart from the federal resources earmarked for the Libertad Dam and the construction of a new clinic and the expansion of another., that together add up 766 millions of pesos.

The businessman trusted that state legislators “they will palomear” the Executive's proposal regarding public works and that in December the bidding for the works will begin immediately, among which are the Interserrana highways, La Gloria-Colombia and the reconditioning of the roads of municipalities in the south of the State.

“For him 2022 we see a total positive outlook on spending on public works; there is a hike for the next impressive year that had not happened in the last 12 years”, express.

“I do not have the precise amount, but the last thing I read were about 15 one billion pesos just in the infrastructure issue, already including federal and state resources; if everything is approved, It will be the best year for the infrastructure issue that Nuevo León has ever had”.

Up to now, the highest amount in public works carried out in Nuevo León, in a full year, it was in the 2015 with 14 one thousand 170 millions of nominal pesos, according to Inegi.

Guajardo Valdés explained that the construction sector is currently operating at an average of 30 percent of its capacity.

He stressed that with the largest injection of public resources, utilization level will skyrocket, which will allow not only to recover the 2 one thousand 700 jobs missing to reach the workforce that existed before the start of the pandemic, but until exceeding the 149 thousand jobs of 2019.

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