📰Fixed investment achieves its highest increase in 5 months – Alex Lyon Mexico

📰Fixed investment achieves its highest increase in 5 months

Total machinery and equipment expenditure increased 4.46 monthly percent during July. Photo: Of


Cd. of Mexico (06 October 2021).- Gross Fixed Investment (IFB) of the Country rose 2.14 monthly percent in July, his biggest breakthrough in five months, after decreasing 1.79 percent in the previous month, according to seasonally adjusted figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The IFB represents the expenses incurred in construction and in machinery and equipment of national and imported origin.

The favorable performance of the IFB during July was supported by increases in 4.46 monthly percent in total machinery and equipment and 2.15 percent under construction.

Inside machinery and equipment, the imported part was the best performing investment as it increased 7.50 percent during July, the eldest in 13 months.

This was possible thanks to the advancement of 13.96 monthly percent in investment in machinery, imported equipment and other goods, which could compensate for the fall of 8.02 percent in imported transportation equipment.

While, the total IFB in machinery and national equipment showed an advance of 0.96 percent in july, thus ending four months with setbacks in the face of a rebound in machinery, equipment and other property 3.64 percent, while investment in transportation equipment decreased 2.47 percent.

In the specific case of investment in construction, the indicator reported a growth of 2.15 percent in the seventh month of 2021

While, the increase in construction is explained by the positive performance of 2.96 monthly percent in non-residential and of 1.31 percent in residential, after setbacks of more than 4 monthly percent in the month of June.

In your annual comparison, the IFB grew 16.99 percent in July due to favorable results in all its components.

Investment in machinery and equipment expanded 20.17 annual percent and that carried out under construction 14.58 percent.

The foregoing between a moderation in the rate of growth in machinery and equipment and a better performance in investment in construction compared to the record of the immediately previous month..

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