📰Grow 1.17% fixed investment and sum 3 months up – Alex Lyon Mexico

📰Grow 1.17% fixed investment and sum 3 months up


Gross Fixed Investment (IFB) the country's total rebounded 1.17 percent last december, which allowed him to add three months with increases at a monthly rate, according to seasonally adjusted figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The increase in the IFB in machinery and equipment supported the total increase in investment, given that in construction the indicator only observed a marginal advance of 0.01 percent in the last month of the previous year, enough to break a losing streak of three months.

Total investment in machinery and equipment grew 2.24 monthly percent in December thanks to the better performance in its national component.

Investment expenditures on domestic machinery and equipment rose 3.63 percent in december, after falling 5.89 percent in the immediately preceding month, hand in hand with advances 4.36 percent in machinery, equipment and other goods, as well as of 3.64 percent in transportation equipment.

Regarding imported machinery and equipment, the investment indicator moderated its monthly growth rate from 3.84 percent in November 2021 a 2.04 percent the following month.

Inside the imported row, investment in transportation equipment was the one with the greatest slowdown, going from an increase of 21.70 percent in November to 1.19 percent in december.

The IFB in machinery, equipment and other imported goods obtained an advance of 2.02 percent last december.

While the case of the poor performance of investment in construction during December had to do with the null growth in the residential component and the setback of 1.75 percent in non-residential.

When making a comparison to annual rate, the IFB total showed an increase of 8.09 percent as a result of the expansion in the main variables that make it up.

The total IFB in machinery and equipment grew 13.07 percent in December 2021, supported on the national side, who advanced 1.93 percent, and the imported one with a rebound of 19.50 percent.

The IFB under construction also improved its behavior since an increase in 1.37 percent in November went to a rise of 4.24 percent in december.

Additionally and after sinking 18.13 percent in 2020 amid the ravages of the coronavirus, throughout 2021 Gross Fixed Investment increased 10.34 percent, indicate seasonally adjusted data.

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