FAQ – Alex Lyon Mexico



Where is our patio? In Querétaro, on Mexico Highway – Querétaro K.M 183, The Marks, qro. (In front of the El Marqués industrial park)
What are the commissions to deposit? There are different commissions for any type of equipment that is required to be entered in the auction, which your sales representative will provide it to you; If you still do not have one, please contact our telephone lines so that a sales representative can attend you immediately
As soon as the backhoe or other equipment left? You are invited to visit the track magazine where you can see the prices of the equipment in previous auctions., we remind you that our teams go to the highest bidder.
How many hours of use does the equipment have?? Some teams have that information on the page, when do not, you are commented and invited to visit our patio.
Can you give me the name of the consignor, to see where it comes from? Due to company policies and privacy of our clients, we cannot give you that data, you are invited to go to the patio or send your mechanic to check the equipment.
If I don't buy, they give me back the full money? Passing the auction, your money will be returned to you in a period of 3 business days.
How often auctions are held? Every month we have an auction.
Why not all auctions are face-to-face? Over the internet it gives you mistrust At this time the pandemic is explained, at other times, they are told that it is for the benefit of our clients, they are given the benefits of doing it online (doing it from the comfort of your home or office, skip the trip, etc)
What hotels are near your area? They are mentioned that we are 15 min from the Querétaro cd where you can find the hotel that best suits you, some ask for patio location to be sent to them
The teams have some guarantee? No, However, we invite you to visit us in our yard with your mechanic to review the equipment in which you are interested.
You are in charge of transportation? No, our clients are in charge of transporting their equipment.
What is the registration cost? There is no registration fee, but if there is a guarantee deposit which will be used for your purchases, the amount is mentioned again.
They sell tracts for yonke? No, the equipment that we auction is working, can be reviewed in the yard, on that occasion there was 2 tracts and you are invited to check them.
Can you give me information about the auction in the US? In that case, it was mentioned to him that we only have the information of those from Mexico and he was invited to internet auctions,later Robert was asked, about that information.
Why can't I participate without deposit?? Due to company policies the deposit is requested, You can also make a larger deposit for which you can bid up to a higher limit..
What are the commissions for buying? Commissions are mentioned depending on which auction we are in.
What is the reserve price of some machine? We do not have that information, on Friday from 10 you can see it.
What is the last day to register? One day before the auction you can register, preferably we recommend you do it before so that they are not pressured.
With which they guarantee my deposit? If you request it, your registration order is given. On that occasion Robert mentioned that he could make an electronic receipt.
They are teams that have been legally collected, or are they carrying out some legal process? No, we work with shippers, therefore the papers are in order.
you are the car auctions? We are heavy machinery auctions, but we have had cars in our auctions, it is reviewed on the page and if there is an invitation to review them.
In case I did not manage to consign my team, could stay in the yard for the next auction? I would have to check it out with my partner who handles the consignments, he will give you that information.
Immediately the auction ends, can i take my equipment?? Yes, if you have already paid and have your transport agency ready.
If I am interested in several retros in how many lots can I bid ? Yes, if you have the possibility you can take the equipment you want

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