The tallest and most futuristic building in Mazatlán is powered by 86 million – Alex Lyon Mexico

The tallest and most futuristic building in Mazatlán is powered by 86 million


According to Forbes sources, Mazatlan, you will receive an investment of 86 millions of dollars (the equivalent of 1,630 millions of pesos) to make the Stelarhe project a reality: a real estate concept of 135.2 meters high that aims to be the most innovative and tallest building in Sinaloa located on Avenida del Mar.

"Today this project continues to be a challenge, We consider that Mazatlán is ready to seek a higher level customer profile, in fact I think they are the demands and each time we get a pleasant surprise regarding what our visitors demand. It is about being reciprocal to what both local and municipal governments and the Private Initiative have done to take Mazatlán to another level ", explained Juan José Arellano Hernández, Chairman of Grupo Arhe explained in an interview for Forbes Mexico.

Likewise, the construction of Stelarhe will generate 500 direct and indirect jobs and will have 4 master penthouse, 4 junior penthouse, 194 departments, 6 commercial premises, 67 warehouses in parking lot and 7 motorcycle drawers that together add up 47,070.48 m2 of construction.

Of the 86 investment million, 10 million dollars would correspond to an investment fund and it is expected that in 36 months the building is ready. The approximate price of the apartments ranges from 300,000 Y 650,000 dollars per department.

Mazatlán represents a great opportunity for private investment, both national and foreign, by having opportunities such as the boardwalk, the football and baseball stadium, as well as the next aquarium opening.

Before this, Grupo Arhe will focus on investments destined for Mazatlán for this 2021.

“There are projects that we would like to undertake in Tijuana, the Riviera Maya and even in Cabo, but honestly right now we have to focus our energy on this type of work that cannot allow an error and conditions aside because they are not necessarily in all places how they are here in Mazatlán and the state”.

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