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electric backhoe, as powerful as a diesel: CASE

Case construction equipment presented its new electric backhoe: The 580 EV Project Zeus.

CASE is quite familiar with backhoes who claim to have built the first in 1957. The company is now moving into the future by creating electrical equipment creating what it claims to be the first electric industry backhoe.

Project Zeus has the same functions and power than a normal diesel backhoe. Still for being electric, the cost of its operation will be much lower than a diesel, Case also ensures that it is much quieter and does not emit emissions, what optimized for use in construction within cities with large populations.

Chief CASE, Leandro Lecheta, he said in a statement that the 580 EV is a “practical innovation that enables real savings and competitive advantages for backhoe owners”.

“The 580 EV could save companies up to 90% expenses related to service and maintenance. CASE also estimates that the payback can be achieved in purchasing 5 years”

The quality of the 580 Electric EV also makes it a attractive product for companies who dare to work with low-emission equipment, has affirmed CASE. 2 Units of Project Zeus will be delivered to US companies during the first and second quarter of this year. One will be sent to Avangrid, which serves New England and New York, and the other to National Grid, which serves Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York.

Project Zeus has a battery 480 volt 90 kilowatt hours powering the vehicle during a typical shift 8 hours. The battery can be charged using a charger 220 volt.

The cab of the backhoe has an improved control, premium seats and Bluetooth radio.

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