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Nueva KOMATSU WA900-8

Komatsu America Corp has introduced the wheel loader WA900-8, machine 116,400 kg equipped with an engine in accordance with the certified emission standards EPA Tier 4 end of EE. THE. That is designed specifically to load haul trucks 70-150 tons (64-136 t). Robert Hussey, product marketing manager for Komatsu America Corp, said: "The WA900-8 is the perfect machine for loading trucks hauling limestone wells because the new design of the bucket Komatsu, with modified profile, maximizes filling the bucket to increase productivity.

The large pillarless cabin offers great visibility, and the air suspension seat larger capacity, together with the suspension system electronically controlled (ECSS), It provides a smooth ride for better performance travel to keep operators comfortable during long shifts “. In terms of productivity and efficiency, the WA900-8 has a control system variable traction and modulation clutch system to provide optimal traction effort for various conditions of the soil, says the company.

Meanwhile, Komatsu SmartLoader Logic helps reduce the fuel consumption while maintaining production levels. The wheel loader is equipped with a hydraulic load sensing closed center hydraulic flow to deliver based on the application demand, saving fuel and reducing temperatures hydraulic oil, dice Komatsu. A lock with throttle-deceleration also improves cycle times maintaining high performance of the team.

The machine benefits from a number of new technologies, including an advanced system monitoring machine, integrated diagnostic visible with the LCD monitor 7 are inches, which means that a laptop is required for resolving machine problems; KomVision® with obstacle detection by radar and a system of six cameras on an LCD monitor dedicated to provide a panoramic view of the machine and an audible warning when an obstacle is detected in the work area to improve situational awareness of the operator (optional); Plus KOMTRAX® improved remote diagnostic immediate health and performance of the machine operator identification and integration with third-party telematics systems; and guide ECO energy saving operation gives the operator real-time recommendations to improve the operating efficiency of the machine.

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