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Private Initiative to Invest 160 MMDP for works on the 2020

Much speculation about whether this would happen and now it is a fact that will be invested approximately 160 billion pesos 15 Infrastructure works.

In weeks past several participated in a private meeting with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador where he spoke mainly works will go to the areas of communications and transportation entrepreneurs, which will be financed mainly by private initiative.

This note also appeared in the newspaper Reforma where he also became known that the detail catalog of projects tell the 26 November at a morning conference President. Giving way to that projects can start the next day.

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About, the president of theConfederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN), Francisco Cervantes, He noted thatin the National Infrastructure Plan are displayed 61 Projects, However, some do not yet have the necessary authorizations.

"Right now they are held 15, but overall they are 61 ... Let's increase and I think it goes without saying that number is going to increase, a little more, A little less.

"Many of them are finishing works that were unfinished, is complete them, others are new, others are extensions ... anyway ".

Also the president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Carlos Salazar, He stressed that the above is made possible by the opening of the Federal Government, Lopez Obrador where he authorized all the projects proposed by entrepreneurs.

"We approved the whole package of 2020 ... We still have to coordinate many things so we are not going to announce something then you may be missing the right of way or other regulation", said.

"So, there is a package to be implemented immediately ", express.
The business leader added that without getting into public investment, the private sector will continue taking him to the President and alternatives "if we authorizations that may be... We will eventually announcing them ".

Regarding the works of the IP it is said to in the first stage are the direct private investment, "Require nothing more concessions; then we will analyze those having to do with public-private component or any guarantee and, Finally, the third stage are those projects that are unique to the public sector ", he concluded.

Very good news for all machinery operators and investors certainly.

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