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National Guard alerts about digital fraud in the purchase of vehicles and heavy machinery

The National Guard, through the monitoring of the Public Internet Network, detected that sites such as and, among many others that supplant the identity of the department store and the cement company, it can be a fraud scheme for the purchase of non-existent goods, like vehicles and heavy machinery.

For the above, The GN recommended that online buyers verify that the sites correspond to the companies: and

It also warned about a possible fraud due to identity theft of theSecretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and an automotive company through the sites

TheSSPC issued a series of recommendations to avoid beingvictim of this illicit:

  • Verify that the websitereally correspond to the entity that is mentioned
  • Ask the seller for thephysical location where you cancheck the existence of good
  • Do not deliverno document or identification until the product is validated

Promotional emails from unknown senders could be a hook to take you to an apocryphal site. Avoid entering websites through links or advertisements. If you make the purchase of a vehicle, avoid payments via SPEI ".

Finally, both federal agencies suggested making the paymenton delivery Owire transfer Of the samefinancial institution, in order to verify the name of thebeneficiary and data thatprovide your information.

In the case of the purchase of a vehicle, the National Guard recommends avoiding payments via SPEI, and preferably against delivery or bank transfer from the same financial institution, to verify beneficiary data.

The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, through the National Guard, encourages users to report any suspected crime or cyber attack to the email and the twitter @CEAC_SSPC, your report is secure and confidential.

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