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Caterpillar launches Cat Series skid steer D3

Caterpillar announces the launch of 16 Cat new models D3 Series minicargadores wheel (SSL) and skid steer chains (CTL). These new machines maintain the reputation for quality, comfort and performance of the series D and D2 and offer improved operator experience and operational stability. Models series D3 can incorporate a new line of intelligent tools. Thanks to its advanced technology machine recognizes and adapts implements controls and operator information to this accessory and the task to be performed.

All the Cat skid steer CTL D3 series feature standard with two speeds to improve performance in the workplace. These machines are designed to deliver high performance digging, and a high speed of movement.

Potent 279D3 and 289D3 Cat minishippers provide a feed rate 13,6 km/h, a 20% more than their predecessors Series D.

239D3 and 249D3 Cat models now come standard transmission 2 speed, compared to the previous single speed, increasing travel speed on a 9 percent and aligning these models with the rest of the range equipped with two speeds.

New skid steer wheels and Cat chains offer advanced control functions including the return to dig (Return-to-Dig) and implement positioners (Work Tool Positioner) to help operators in repetitive tasks such as level, digging and loading. now these elements are included with the self leveling function for two-way operators to take further advantage of the features that automate the functions of the machine and allow these tasks are completed with less interaction and user experience.

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